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Country Goodness to Enjoy Year Round

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Experience a variety of country shopping along the Historic Otter 248th Trail in Langley, BC.

Meat cuts from local butcher
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Bonetti Meats

Bonetti Meats is a good old fashioned butcher shop right down to the brown paper wrapping. Founded in 1973 by Italo and Jacquie Bonetti, today is owned and operated by their son, Carlo

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JD Farms Specialty Turkey

For over thirty years, JD Farms Specialty Turkey Farm, is a family-run producer of specialty turkeys located in the beautiful Fraser Valley at Langley, BC.

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Loft Country 

Located on a 20 acres farm in Langley B.C. Although most known for its Children's Camp, Loft Country is open throughout the year for many different events such as Weddings, Corporate Parties, Special Events and their Pumpkin Patch.

Four images of gas station pharmacy  and grain silos
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Otter Co-op

 Otter District Farmer’s Institute was incorporated in 1922 with twenty-five members in order to promote agriculture and agricultural  knowledge

Outdoor patio at Farm Market
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Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery

Krause Berry Farms has expanded to over 200 acres, growing and producing some of Fraser Valley’s best berries and vegetables

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Thunderbird Show Park

Thunderbird Show Park was founded in 1973 by George and Dianne Tidball and has grown into one of North America’s premier equestrian event facilities.

Two beer glasses clinking with locality Brewing emblem
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Locality Brewing

Planting, harvesting, malting, brewing, drinking. They believe in showcasing the Locality of ingredients, the regionality of brewing, and the farmers role in making a great beer.

Three jars of BC Buzz honey
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BC Buzz Honey

 BC Buzz first opened its doors in 2013. Today you can find BC Buzz products in over 150 retail outlets across the Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and the Okanagan.

Marketplace page
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Turkish District Market
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Check here for specials at our 248th shop locations.

Carnival Booths at a country fair
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Check out all the upcoming events and add them to your calendar.

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